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Corporate Sponsors

The California Dental Hygienists’ Association (CDHA) truly appreciates the support we receive from our corporate sponsors and colleagues. This support has allowed CDHA to continue to provide high quality, cutting edge continuing education speakers and events. Corporate assistance has helped us to create the CDHA Journal, one of the best state association publications in the country. Corporate support has assisted CDHA in hosting two regional meetings per year for students, student table clinic/poster competition, the annual Student House of Representatives and a professional development workshop, all aimed at advancing the art and science of dental hygiene.

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CDHA Request for Proposal

California Dental Hygienists’ Association (CDHA) announces a request for submission regarding the open position of CDHA Corporate Development Consultant (CDC).
The California Dental Hygienists’ Association (CDHA) has an important relationship with its sponsoring organizations. This RFP is for the contract position of Corporate Development Consultant. The person(s) in this role provide a contract service to the organization, working with CDHA leaders and Central Office on corporate development throughout the year.
This position includes but is not limited to, maintaining a corporate contact database, submitting reports to Executive and Board of Trustees’ meetings, including all financial information. Solicit and secure exhibitors and sponsors for CDHA events.
Working with Central Office for invoicing and follow‐up on receivables.


 If the candidate is a RDH or RDHAP, they must be a current CDHA member.
 Demonstrated experience within the Oral Healthcare Industry to secure sponsorship of
CDHA events/programs and exhibitors at the CDHA Spring Scientific Session, the CDHA
House of Delegates, the CDHA Fall CE event and Regional Student Conferences
Experience in managing exhibitions on site.

If selected, any contracted entity who is a member of CDHA may not hold simultaneously any component or state position within CDHA.

CDC Duties:

1. Defined in the Attachment A: Scope of Services
2. Compensation. Retainer: In consideration for the services to be performed under this
Agreement, CDHA agrees to pay Consultant $500.00 per month beginning November 1, 2017 through October 31, 2018, for a total of twelve (12) months, with equal payments due the first of each month.
3. Commission: Contractor shall be paid a commission based on the following schedule:
 10% based on income that exceeds the projected fiscal year income goals by
 15% based on income that exceeds the projected fiscal year income goals by
 20% based on income that exceeds the projected fiscal year income goals by
4. The CDHA Corporate Sponsorship program overview is posted online at

Submission Request:
 A short video (no more than 10 minutes in length) to include:

o Brief introduction
o Experience with corporate fund raising
o How you will move CDHA forward in Corporate Sponsorships  Electronic submission to include:
o Cover letter of interest in the CDC position
o Resume and/or CV which includes experience with corporate fund raising,
securing exhibits and management of exhibits at specified events
o Marketing piece samples or other attachments that will demonstrate candidate’s
knowledge and experience.
o References, upon request, should the candidate be chosen for an interview


Submissions must be received via email no later than 5:00 pm, September 30, 2017, to Immediate Past President, Julie Coan, RDH at – a confirmation of submissions will be issued.
Candidates selected for an interview are required to attend the CDHA Virtual Board of Trustees meeting on Saturday, October 21, 2017. Login information will be provided.
Expenses for travel for the candidate(s) will not be reimbursed by CDHA.

Scope of Services. Consultant shall establish annual goals and sponsorship opportunities for the corporate program with the President and further, agrees to submit any changes, additions, or modifications to the established program to the Executive Committee for approval. Consultant will perform the following services:
A. Market, sell and secure corporate funding and/or sponsorship upon approval by the CDHA President/Executive Committee for:
1. Advertising and promotion in CDHA Publications, including but not limited to, the
Journal of the CDHA and the CDHA official website.
2. Exhibits for Student Regional Conference(s), Scientific Session(s), House of Delegates
3. Educational Sessions: Scientific Session(s), RDHAP workshop(s), House of Delegates
Continuing Education course, and Webinars, if scheduled.
4. Specific events, including but not limited to: Student table clinics, Leadership
Workshop, House of Delegates functions including the President’s Recognition Luncheon, the President’s Reception, Component Caucus Breakfast, Installation Luncheon, Student House of Representatives and Student Regional Conference(s).
5. The CDC shall be responsible for monitoring the placement and removal of the corporate sponsor(s) website information/acknowledgement.
6. Additional events for sponsorship added at the request of the Executive Committee/Board of Trustees, as agreed to by the CDC.

B. Assist with Program Development for the above listed events on maximizing exhibitor opportunities at each event.

C. Create marketing messages for all of the above listed events which includes:
 Creating the appropriate marketing messages
 Preparing marketing material

D. Coordination of activities with Central Office/Executive Administrator
1. Mailing lists, contact updates and review annually of prospective exhibitor lists
2. Invoicing and Receivables
3. Notice to attendees of exhibitors attending each event
4. Confirmation to exhibitors with logistical details and shipping information
5. Post‐show sponsor thank you and event follow‐up
6. Distribution of Marketing Materials to potential sponsor/exhibitors including: e‐mail
blasts, emails, website, mailers, etc.

E. Provide reports prior to all Executive Committee and Board of Trustees meetings by
email to the President and the Executive Administrator following the established calendar for each fiscal year. The detailed update should include: the account number, the event sponsored, budgeted amount, fund pledge secured, funds invoiced, funds received, and funds outstanding. A final annual report is to be prepared for the House of Delegates and should be sent to the President by the appropriate calendar deadline. The chart will not be included in the HOD materials.

F. Additional duties include:
1. Coordinate logistics of exhibits at Student Regional Meeting(s), Scientific Session(s)
and House of Delegates.
2. Work with CDHA President to review and standardize corporate correspondence
format at beginning of Presidents’ term. As Presidents’ term changes during the contract term, Consultant and succeeding President shall review pertinent correspondence.
3. Provide appropriate information for corporate acknowledgements for Student Regional Meeting(s), Scientific Session(s), House of Delegates, Webinar(s), and other meeting/functions as requested by CDHA.
4. Facilitate acknowledgement program and benefits specified to corporate sponsors.
5. Participate in fiscal year budgeting process

G. Consultant agrees to consult with and confirm in writing to CDHA President and CDHA
Publications Editor prior to negotiating specific advertising space and exclusivity for advertising in any one publications as defined by CDHA Executive Committee.